To see a 20-ft. section of the Berlin Wall in Cavendish, PEI might strike you as odd. How about that genuine vampire killing kit from the year 1850?. Well, all this is just par for the course at Ripley's here. Come and see the whole exhibit, and you'll know what 'odd' really means.
Hot Stuff? Sweetheart? Wild Thing? Adorable? In Cavendish, people sit on the Throne of Love at Ripley's to find out. Perhaps you need to put on that Monkey Skull Necklace made by those lovable Borneo tribesmen to see what might happen.
A Chinese farmer by the name of Weng had a 13" horn on his head. Whether agriculture is your thing is beside the point, just come and see for yourself. Once you had a good look at some of the material shown on the different video screens, you can tell your friends about some pretty weird stuff.

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For additional weird moments visit the Ripley's Believe It or Not! website. Here are three links that might convince you to check us out in Cavendish this summer

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