If you haven’t been to Cavendish, we suggest it's high time you paid us a visit. No matter where you arrive on PEI, Cavendish is always within a short driving distance. Most importantly, you will enjoy the delightful landscapes of our island.

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The area around Cavendish offers some of the finest scenery imaginable: the famous red cliffs, fine beaches, lovely dunes and sunsets that are truly spectacular. Go for a swim or just look out at the ocean from the many delightful vantage points.

The Cavendish Visitor and Information Center is a nice, modern facility and a great starting point to get your bearings. Here you can get all the information on sightseeing, restaurants and accommodation in and around Cavendish.

We encourage you to make time for some leisurely sightseeing. Perhaps you simply want to walk the dunes, but driving around here is pretty stressless. So hop in your car and visit some of those quaint fishing villages near by.

Visitors to Cavendish and other parts of PEI are usually reluctant to leave. We are very happy about that, and hope that many of you will come back again and again. Below are some suggestions for your next trip.

Meadowlodge Motel

Cavendish Beach Resort

Avonlea Cottages